Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I finally got up the courage to block the cardigan that I last blogged about in July. I did finish it just before we left on that trip to California, where I planned to wear it for cool San Francisco and coastal fog weather. I didn't have time to block it, though, and so it had to stay at home. In August I sewed on the buttons and tidied up the yarn ends, but I was quite afraid that it was going to be too small, because of how much the lace was pulling in. So, it languished in a knitting basket until last week, when I finally decided it would take the plunge (into the bathroom sink, with Eucalan, of course).

As it turns out, it is not too small. The lace responded well to blocking and the Hempwol is holding its shape well. At the moment I'm finding the hemp-wool combination a bit itchy, but I'll wear it with long sleeves for a while and I know it will soften up, because Kathy's was lovely when I tried it on at the retreat in Sorrento last year.

You'll have to take my word for it that it fits, because there's no one home to take a picture of me in it at the moment! You can find the pattern here.

We'll be heading to California again later this month, so the cardigan will get to see San Francisco after all!

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