Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vacation highlights

We had an amazing trip out east in July. Here are some of my favourite moments and places.


Lettuce Knit!

Bicycle yarn-bombing


Gorgeous produce at the Marché Jean Talon

The Eastern Townships:

The cottage we rented for a week in Frelighsburg...

... with a lovely screened-in porch

... where we spent lovely mornings and evenings...

-- and watched young raccoons climb trees

The Frelighsburg countryside...

... and from closer up

The gorgeous mill in Stanbridge East

A beautiful Loyalist house

Socks finished in our cottage

Shall we move to Cowansville?

 Headstones I found very moving

Friday, August 23, 2013

August in snapshots

Dill pickles

Peach crumble pie

San Francisco panorama

Avila Beach, CA

Tomato madness on the patio

Heirloom beefsteaks ripening

Sungold cherry tomatoes

Dave's new back-to-school lunchbag

Knitting updates to come!