Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More socks

This is where we spent the weekend:

Our dear friends in Vernon have this creek along the back border of their property. The water was very high last weekend, and you could here it rushing by from the house, which I thought was lovely. The house is lovely too.

While we were there we had some time to knit. Here are the socks that Dave finished:

Here are the socks that I finished:

Given the number of socks that I photograph, I may need an official sock photographer! It's hard to get a good angle on one's own feet!

Here is the Baby Surprise now that it's all dry and ready. I have to get it off to its new home soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's blocking...

Here is the Baby Surprise all assembled. I decided to add a little collar to this one, which I haven't done before. I like it.

Cute teddy buttons!
That's all the knitting to report for now. I'll be so glad when I finish the class I'm taking. It's the last one for my post-baccalaureate diploma, and it's really interesting, but it's almost summer and I just don't feel like working this hard any more! These classes have been cutting into my knitting time too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A sudden hankering

Yesterday I suddenly got the urge to knit another Baby Surprise Jacket (you have to scroll almost to the bottom on this link to find the pattern) after hearing about a colleague's new grandson being born. I mentally ran through my stash, and thought maybe I could go get some more Spud and Chloe Sweater, because it made such a nice BSJ. Here is the one I knit a couple of years ago.

But then I thought sock yarn would make a good sized jacket for a newborn. One look in the sock yarn bin and I knew exactly what I was going to do. In March I bought a second ball of the same Opal Cotton I used for the Sand and Surf socks, just because I liked the yarn so much and it was so nice to work with. This morning I spent a few hours listening to CBC and knitting rather obsessively (just one more row...) and so far I have this.

It doesn't look much like a jacket at this stage - I just love this pattern! It's a shapeless semi-rectangle for the longest time, and suddenly - surprise! - it folds up into a jacket with only two short seams to sew. It can't be said too often that Elizabeth Zimmerman was brilliant!

I also have the perfect buttons. These are the teddies that were too fussy for the Baby Blue, but they're going to be perfect for this jacket.

I was making good progress on the red socks until this obsession took hold. I'm halfway down the second one now. I should be back to them in a couple of days. Here is the finished one in this afternoon's bonus sunshine.

And here is one more project I have on the go right now. This is a longer-term project. I picked up the yarn at the Madrona market - it's Meru Spectra from Curious Creek Fibers. It's a lovely merino and silk lace weight, and the three skeins in graduated shades came together in a package.

The pattern is Pretty Maids from last year's deep fall edition of knitty. It's a fun knit so far, but requires some concentration. There are some interesting combinations of stitches in this lace, like two knit-two-togethers side by side, that I haven't run into before.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sorrento weekend

I had a great time teaching my class at the retreat - they were a great group. I forgot to get any pictures of either them or their adorable sample socks, but I will leave you with a few photos of the beautiful grounds at the Sorrento Centre.

Arnica flowers

The lake peeking through the trees

Apple tree in blossom

Mock orange blossoms

The beautiful building my class was held in

And here is a picture of the finished Baby Blue sweater, which I did finally get sewn up. It's posing with some pretty ground covers near the dining room.

I had sewn on some teddy buttons, but we decided they were too busy, so Phyllis will be finding some plain buttons.

It was a beautiful weekend.