Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A sudden hankering

Yesterday I suddenly got the urge to knit another Baby Surprise Jacket (you have to scroll almost to the bottom on this link to find the pattern) after hearing about a colleague's new grandson being born. I mentally ran through my stash, and thought maybe I could go get some more Spud and Chloe Sweater, because it made such a nice BSJ. Here is the one I knit a couple of years ago.

But then I thought sock yarn would make a good sized jacket for a newborn. One look in the sock yarn bin and I knew exactly what I was going to do. In March I bought a second ball of the same Opal Cotton I used for the Sand and Surf socks, just because I liked the yarn so much and it was so nice to work with. This morning I spent a few hours listening to CBC and knitting rather obsessively (just one more row...) and so far I have this.

It doesn't look much like a jacket at this stage - I just love this pattern! It's a shapeless semi-rectangle for the longest time, and suddenly - surprise! - it folds up into a jacket with only two short seams to sew. It can't be said too often that Elizabeth Zimmerman was brilliant!

I also have the perfect buttons. These are the teddies that were too fussy for the Baby Blue, but they're going to be perfect for this jacket.

I was making good progress on the red socks until this obsession took hold. I'm halfway down the second one now. I should be back to them in a couple of days. Here is the finished one in this afternoon's bonus sunshine.

And here is one more project I have on the go right now. This is a longer-term project. I picked up the yarn at the Madrona market - it's Meru Spectra from Curious Creek Fibers. It's a lovely merino and silk lace weight, and the three skeins in graduated shades came together in a package.

The pattern is Pretty Maids from last year's deep fall edition of knitty. It's a fun knit so far, but requires some concentration. There are some interesting combinations of stitches in this lace, like two knit-two-togethers side by side, that I haven't run into before.

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