Sunday, March 11, 2012

The crocuses are still blooming...

My latest sock project:

The yarn is another ball of Crazy Zauberball from the Wool Station. I love this yarn - it feels great to knit, and the colours are gorgeous. It's also fun because of how long the colour repeat is. You can knit two socks without a repeat! You can see a couple of hyacinths coming up beside the crocuses. The spring flowers seem to be in slow motion this year, maybe because it's been quite cool and rainy (and snowy a few times recently too, like just last Tuesday).

Dave knit this Baby Surprise for a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago. We got the buttons at Laura's, along with the Peter Rabbits I'd put on my latest BSJ. So cute!

It turns out that the baby, Tiana, is tiny, and that this BSJ won't fit for months, so I decided she needed a sweater she could wear sooner. Tiana's mother says this baby is all about pinks and purples, so I found some leftover sock yarns that fit the bill and made this tiny Scrappy Socky Stripy Cardi. Here it is being blocked. I've found a pair of cute little purple buttons in the stash that will go nicely.

This little jacket knit up really quickly, partly because it's tiny, and partly because I got lots of knitting time on the bus and ferry last Tuesday. Dave and I went to the big teachers' rally in Victoria that day. Here was the view from our dining room window before we left:

By the time we all gathered in Centennial Square in Victoria it looked like this:

The square was less than a block from Beehive Wool Shop, so Dave and I ducked in there before the march started to buy a souvenir skein of yarn!