Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not just socks

I've made some progress on my Baby Blue sweater in the past few days. The aran pattern is quite fun over such a small project. I was having trouble with the counting on evenings after I had taught all day, but now that it's spring break I've got the pattern in my head and it's rolling along nicely. Phyllis, whose expectant daughter is the one I'm knitting this for, spent Monday night here and so I had the incentive to make a push. Here is a photo of the front and back, and this evening I've knit most of the first sleeve.

In the morning we are leaving for California, so I'll continue this project when I get back. It should come together fairly quickly now.

I've also been working on the Lacy Foliage socks. The first one is finished, except that I decided not to graft the toe closed yet. We're on our way to visiting Dave's sister, who'll be receiving these, so I decided to wait for a fitting before I commit to finishing, just in case the first one is too small. The second sock is about half-finished now. The stocking stitch foot will be perfect car knitting over the next few days (only when I'm the passenger, of course!). I find that knitting keeps me calmer while Dave is getting us through the hairier portions of the I5.

Here is a close-up of the lace pattern:

I hope you are enjoying some spring-like weather, wherever you may be!

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