Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Socks are my life...

Well, maybe not exactly, but certainly my knitting life these days!

Here are the socks for Rob, all finished and dry after their first bath:

I am really pleased with this yarn. It's Heritage Paints from Cascade. It's merino and nylon, and it has knit up into a wonderfully soft sock. Like me, Rob finds many wools itchy, and so to pick out a yarn for his socks I had him go through my sock stash (which is actually not all that big, even if sock yarn 'doesn't count'!) and hold each ball under his chin. This is the yarn he picked out, and I think it will pass the 'itch test' for either one of us, at least on feet. The Wool Station in Fairhaven carries this yarn, and for once I'm working with a colourway that is still available, so that's the place to go if you want some!

I started a new sock on the weekend. In a couple of weeks we'll be visiting one of my sisters-in-law in California, and she doesn't yet have a pair of socks from me so these ones are for her. The Very Pink Socks were for her daughter. These socks are also knit from Knitpicks Stroll Tonal - this colour is called Foliage. I got both of the yarns in a four-pack in my last Knitpicks order.

I'm going with my own basic sock pattern. I thought about doing a short row heel, but this heel flap one is the one I know by heart and can do while watching Lark Rise to Candleford (season 2) on dvd, so it's the one I went with! On the leg I used a lace pattern from this book, which I love. It's number 190. It's a very simple pattern over 13 stitches and 8 rows, but it's very effective.

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