Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madrona 2011 - Part 3

Dave and I were pretty restrained in the yarn-buying department at Madrona. I bought three projects-worth of yarn for myself, but one of those I am knitting for someone else. I also bought some yarn for a friend, who commissioned me to get some of Jared Flood's Shelter.

Cindy - here is what I got you:

The mittens are gorgeous (I met some in person), and I thought if would be fun for you to have a pattern of Jared's to go with the yarn. The blue is a really beautiful shade, which you can see better in this next photo:

The real colour is very rich, and actually somewhere between these two photos. Let me know what you think, Cindy.

Franklin Habit gave an all-day workshop on how to photograph your fibre. Maybe I'll take that one the next time it's offered! It's so hard to get the colours right on the camera, even when the light seems good in person...

Here is the Shelter project I got for myself. There are three skeins of yarn, but this gives you the idea:


This is the yarn I bought to knit a shawl that I've promised. It's hand-dyed and very pretty. There are three strands in graduated shades. I haven't decided how I want to work with them yet. I could hold the three strands together, or maybe two at a time so the colour shifts from lightest to darkest... Any suggestions?

And finally, in home knitting news, this is a baby sweater I'm knitting for a dear friend's daughter, who is expecting this spring. I'm just about finished the back. The pattern can be found here.

PS: Franklin Habit has a great post summarizing his Madrona experience here.  Can you find me in the panorama shot? Hint: I'm in the far right-hand panel, near the seam with the next panel to the left. Half of Dave's face is there too!

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  1. Looks great! Thanks. We'll have to arrange a meeting - early Spring Break?