Monday, February 7, 2011

A sale, some sock yarn, and some socks

On Saturday, Dave and I went to the big sale at Dressew in Vancouver (they don't have a website). It's mainly a fabric and sewing accessories store, but they also carry yarn. It was the store's 50th anniversary, so for 5 days they had everything in store on sale at 50% off. Saturday was the last day of the sale, and we arrived around 4 in the afternoon. We had to line up outside, as the employee at the door was only letting in a few people every time a few people left. We lined up. Outside. On a cold damp day. For yarn. Just wanted to make that very clear - however I think it was well worth it. Last summer Dressew bought out a yarn distributor and acquired a huge stock of Rowan and Regia yarn in discontinued colours. They've been selling it for $2 a ball.

Here is what we bought on Saturday. 53 balls of Regia sock yarn. $53 (plus tax, of course). Now before you begin to doubt our sanity, please keep in mind that I am teaching sock-knitting at a retreat in May, and so a lot of this yarn will be making an appearance there (but probably only if you are in my class!)

I've also been making progress on my current sock project - I've finished one and am on my way to the heel flap on the second. I have found a worthy recipient for these ones, and as a bonus, her feet are only size 6!

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  1. Should have gone with you - oh wait, I'd have missed my flight! Nice haul though.