Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home again

Here is the purse I knit for my niece, based on the ones we saw at Knitting By the Sea in Carmel.  I made up the pattern based on the picture I took at the yarn shop.  I changed it a bit - I did a mitered square bottom rather than a round one, and I like the way the corners peek up just a little at the bottom.  The yarn is Noro Kochoran, which is 30% angora and has a lovely halo. 

I started the bag when I got home, so that I would have the right needles at hand, so it has to settle for a photo shoot here, rather than on a California beach, or in a lemon tree!  I'd say the grass looks rather Californian, though, after the dry spell we've had.

Now I can continue my sand and surf socks.  We were caught for several hours behind a complete closure of the I-5 on our way home on Friday, and so I made quite a bit of progress.  I am halfway along the foot of the second sock, so it shouldn't take too much longer.

I also want to sew in the ends and sew the buttons onto my hemp cardi, since I got so very close before we left!  As it turned out, the weather in San Francisco was gorgeous and sunny, and I wouldn't have needed the wooly cardi, so it was okay that I hadn't finished it before we left.  Good thing I didn't stay up into the wee hours trying to get it done!

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