Thursday, August 26, 2010

Progress Report

I finished the first sock of a pair I'm knitting for a seven-year-old friend.  I think they look like big boy socks.  I started these once I finished the blue-striped ones so that I'd have something that I could knit in the car or while carrying on a conversation.  Since we then traveled to Nelson, where I spent a lot of time catching up with a knitting buddy, the sock got done quickly!  The yarn is some Regia Stretch that I got at Dressew in Vancouver in their amazing $1.99 a ball sale.

I'm also making progress on what I'm now calling the Bubblegum socks.  I'm about halfway up the leg on the first sock.  This is the one I'm knitting using a 32 inch ChiaoGoo RED circular (scroll down to see the right needles) and the Magic Loop technique.  These are great needles, with excellent tips and joins, and today I went to the LYS here in Vernon where I got the first one so that I could stock up on more.  Unfortunately she is all out of them, and so I will have to go without for now (sigh!).  I'm enjoying this yarn and pattern.  I haven't used Tofutsies before, but it's very nice to work with, and I like the way the striping is working with the Lacy Ribs pattern.

Nothing to report on the shawl-knitting front.  I haven't had the kind of focused knitting time that it requires.  I have finished the quilt I've been working on, though, so I'll have more time (except that I've discovered P. D. James and she is cutting into my knitting time!).  I'll post photos once I've finished the last pressing.

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