Saturday, July 17, 2010

Greetings from Mendocino

To make up for the silence I took some socks to the beach in northern California for a photo shoot!  Here are the socks that I finished in late June but I have left lingering this long without a photograph.  Don't they look happy?

Next up is a sock that I finished in Ashland, Oregon a couple of days ago.  I started this one the last weekend in June.  It got to be knit on the I5, and in all kinds of interesting places.

I very rarely leave a pair of socks unfinished to start a new one, but I've held off on the second blue stripey one in order to start this next one.  This pair will be for a friend that we're going to be staying with in Oakland next week.  It's a cotton blend, since it doesn't get cold in Oakland, and I found the yarn in Ashland the other day.

Finally, Dave wanted me to show you a picture of the pair of socks he just finished.  These just had the second toe grafted shut on Highway 101 today, because they were dying for a photo op - we ended up giving them their moment to shine in Trinidad.  They much enjoyed the sand and surf!

Oh yes, I did finish knitting my cardigan just before we left on our holiday.  Unfortunately I didn't get all the ends darned in or the sweater blocked in time so it had to miss out on its chance to keep me warm in San Francisco.  I think it has come out well, though, and I look forward to wearing it in the fall.

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