Sunday, February 14, 2010

Got Gauge?

I certainly didn't get it for this sweater.  On Friday evening at about 8 o'clock, right in the middle of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, I discovered that the garter stitch border at the bottom of my sweater was about 12 inches bigger in diameter than what I had cast on for.  After actually knitting and blocking a gauge swatch, I still ended up horribly off!  So I ended up casting on again during the opening ceremonies, like you're supposed to for the Knitting Olympics, but there is really not a chance of this sweater being finished by the closing ceremonies!  Maybe I should set a realistic goal and see if I can reach it, like having knit to the beginning of the underarm gussets...  The problem is that I'm not willing to spend every waking hour knitting for the next two weeks.  For one thing, it's sunny and mild today - a long walk was definitely in order, but so far I don't knit while we walk!  Here are some of the things growing in front of our patio today:

Last night I knit some more - I've decided to work the bottom border back and forth, and then join in the round once I'm past the garter stitch.  Maybe that will help with gauge, since I'll be knitting every row.  I've cast on 200 stitches this time, down from the original 248.  I'll try increasing to 224 for the k2p2 rib I'm planning above the garter stitch, and then up to the full 248 once I start the stocking stitch.  I'll have to adapt as I go, so that I end up with a wearable sweater in the end!

Here is a picture of my Hempton sweater.   There was a happy confluence of sunlight and charged camera batteries this afternoon!

Wish me luck with my gansey!

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