Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23rd

Well, it's official - I'm giving up on any semblance of a Knitting Olympics project.  Too much project, too little knitting time, not enough enthusiasm!  Perhaps if I'd had bleachers full of fans cheering me on it would have been possible... or perhaps not...  In any case, I haven't been knitting a lot in the past week, but I have had a birthday, kept an eye on an occasionally dribbly cat, attended a teachers' conference in Lillooet (the registration of participants for which I was partly responsible for), gone to work when required to do so, and kept up with my readings and homework for my online course!  I think I'll forgive myself for the lack of knitting.

I am almost finished the blue Monkey socks, which I have managed to plug away.  I also did some knitting on the gansey in order to keep my mind off of the winding scary road to Lillooet (no, I was not driving!).  I haven't dared look at it since, though.  I don't think I do my best knitting in the dark while trying not to think about falling rock and steep drop-offs, so there will probably be some more frogging in that poor sweater's near future!

I do have a good read to report on, and a confession to make.  When I've used up most of my brain on work- and school-related reading and thinking, I like to read British "chick lit".  Even when I'm not trying to work too hard at reading, I need the writing to be good, the characters to be people I can relate to or at least like, and the story to be entertaining.  To this end I have enjoyed all of Sophie Kinsella's books so far, but her last one, Twenties Girl,  was special.  It's a very sweet story and I think she did a great job of the book.

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