Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Garden

We had beautiful sunshine yesterday and spent some time in the garden planting the garlic. Here is what I saw.

Our sedum

Fall colour

Broccolini - hoping for a crop soon

Autumn raspberries... fruit in November... yum!

I'm hoping this is my blog come-back! I strained a muscle in my arm in July when I was dragging my suitcase through the streets of Toronto and Montreal. It developed into tendonitis and then some carpal tunnel issues, culminating in me not being able to knit for weeks in September and October. That's right. Not. Being. Able. To. Knit. Enough said... I didn't feel much like blogging.

Now I can knit in extreme moderation and I still wear a splint to be on the computer and to sleep.

Today I blocked a project for the first time in many weeks - hooray! It's a pink toddler-sized cardigan. Photos to follow soon. I promise!

How has your autumn been?

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