Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sorrento weekend again

I'm not sure if it's quite ironic, but I have been too between work and getting ready to teach at a knitting retreat to get much knitting done myself. Or even to summon up the energy for a blog post! However, I'm in Sorrento, the sun is shining, I have a great group in my Foundations of Lace course, and we had a beautful drive up from the coast yesterday.

We made the traditional pit stop at the information centre in Merritt, and had time for a bit of a ramble up the hillside through the pines. It was just warm enough for that lovely pine-y smell but not too hot to walk uphill!

Vetch on the edges of the woods

A sunshine-filled glade

Arrow-leaf balsam root with vetch

I've been making progress on my Kayla shrug, too. I'm a couple of rows from finishing the seemingly interminable k1p1 rib portion that makes up the sleeves and the portion between them. I'll post a picture soon, but it's pretty much just a sage green rectangle at the moment!

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