Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snapshots from Sorrento

I slept in the apartment on the lower right this year.

 I've been waking up ridiculously (early) these days, so this morning I grabbed the camera and headed outside before 6. I discovered the light is beautiful for pictures then at this time of year.

Apple blossom

Drifts of cottonwood fluff

Cottonwood blossoms

Oriental poppy

Lily of the valley
A woman showed a gorgeous lily of the valley-patterned shawl at show and tell last night. I think I need one!

Apple blossom

Another sun-dappled glade - different ecosystem from Friday's

The lilac is perfect this weekend and the fragrance is everywhere

The labyrinth - I got a chance to walk it this morning

A tiny perfect pansy growing in the labyrinth

One participant's work area, tidied for the night

Another participant's samples

A shawl sample being blocked


  1. The retreat was relaxing, inspiring and educational, I loved it all. Thank you for teaching us about lace.

    1. Thanks, Terry! I had a good time too and enjoyed teaching the class.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for sharing my blog, Janet!

  3. Next time you teach lace, I'd love to attend.