Friday, June 25, 2010

Cardigan progress update

I've been able to work pretty steadily on my Hempwol Cardi.  I'm almost up to the bottom of the v-neck on the body, which is worked in the round.  The amount of lace to be worked has been decreasing every six rounds, so it's almost completely stocking stitch now and is therefore moving along rather well.  I have done both sleeves almost all the way to where they join the yoke.  I'm debating whether they need to get a bit wider than they are currently around the upper arm.  If I decide that they do then I'll have to rip back a bit and re-knit, because the increases stop a few inches before the join with the body.  It'll be a quick fix though, if it's needed, as the tops of the sleeves are stocking stitch as well and not many more stitches around than for a sock.

Speaking of socks, I am finally getting close to the end of the second Twice Striped Toe-up socks.  The socks usually get worked on when I'm out and about, but there hasn't been a whole lot of that kind of knitting lately and so these socks feel like they're dragging a bit.  Maybe I'll make a push on them this weekend and get them finished.  I'm kind of itching to knit another pair of Monkey socks, and I don't let myself start a new sock until the last pair is finished (with very rare exceptions, where a complicated sock is on the needles, and I need something simple for a car ride or because I've used up all my brain power by the time I get to my knitting!).  I'm not much of a victim to second sock-itis, but I don't want to tempt fate by having unfinished socks around!

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