Monday, June 7, 2010

It's done!

The tie-front cardi is finished.  I'm looking forward to seeing it on its recipient, because this is definitely going to look better on a little person than laid out flat.  Overall I've found this a rather fussy knit, and I wouldn't make another one from the same pattern.  Too much sewing up for my taste, too.  This yarn is not very forgiving as far as darning in all the ends that were required for this pattern.  It's lovely and soft, though, and a pretty colour.  I would work with the yarn again, but with a carefully chosen pattern.  The little dress I made out of the same yarn last year (see May 4th posting) was more enjoyable.

Now I get to work on my own second sleeve guilt-free!  The sock I have in progress has no due date, so I'm just going to enjoy my Hempwol and see if I can have a cardigan ready in time for our trip to California in July.  I may not be likely to need it in SoCal, but I know San Francisco in the summer, and now I pack accordingly!

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