Tuesday, May 4, 2010

... bring May flowers

I'm working on my second project out of this pattern book.  The designs are really sweet and the models are adorable.  I'm finding that the patterns are very much written to be knit in small pieces and then sewn together, which is not my preference.  I've been modifying as I go in order to reduce the number of starts, stops, and seams.

I made this dress last year, in the largest size.  I used the Baby Bamboo DK yarn that was called for in the book, and it is very pleasant to work with.  It feels lovely when it is knit up, and it blocks nicely too.  I worked the dress in the round up to the armholes, rather than as a front and back, and I was pleased with the drape of it as a seamless garment.

The project I've just started is this little cardi.  I'm knitting the 1/2 years size, in a pale blush pink.  I've been tweaking the pattern on this one too, but decided to keep the side seams for stability.  I've managed to incorporate the tie into the left front so far, rather than knitting it separately and then joining it.  The instructions are very accurate, but a bit complicated - I think perhaps a chart might have been in order...

I haven't had a lot of knitting time because I've been finalizing the handout for the workshop I'm teaching at a knitting retreat in Sorrento at the end of the month (the brochure can be downloaded here, but I think we may be full up!).  I've been learning a fascinating way to design lace charts using Micosoft Excel.  It's time consuming, but kind of fun.  Check out the instructions here.  It's very well explained.

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