Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting Out

A new year, a new decade (depending on how you think about it, but it does look like a new decade, what with being into the teens now), and it seems like the right time to have a place to share my thoughts.

Those are nouns in my title, the way I see it, so I plan to blog about things I'm knitting, books I'm reading, and the notes part leaves it wide open for notes on whatever else I feel like commenting on!

I just finished my first pair of toe-up socks yesterday, and I am pleased with the finished product. 
They're for a friend, and I think she will enjoy them (she picked out the yarn, so I know she'll like them, at the very least).  Overall I liked working from the toe up enough to do it again, but not enough to replace my tried-and-true top-down.  The same goes for working with two circular needles rather than four dpn's.

I used Wendy Johnson's first toe-up sock book for the basic sock mechanics, and I'm pleased both with her instructions and with the number of options that she gives for things like casting on and off.

I hope you'll join me now and then, and I'll try to be somewhat entertaining!

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