Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pulling Together

Knitters through the Yarn Harlot's Knitters Without Borders have donated a few hundred thousand dollars to MSF in the last week!  Students at my elementary school, that has a population of about 300 students, have raised over $2500 for the Canadian Red Cross this week!  It's helpful to feel that there is at least something we can do to help, however little it seems given amount of need.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting this week - I've been pretty busy with work and school.  As well as working at a school, I am currently taking a university course on the assessment and remediation of reading, which I am finding incredibly useful, but it's a fair bit of homework!  I am working on the gusset of the first of the Monkey sock pair.  This weekend I may see their future wearer, so I'll be able to check on the size of her foot and knit accordingly.

Between the longer daylight and incredibly mild temperatures I was able to do some pruning and cleaning up in my patio containers after school today with only a hoodie for an outer layer.  Not something I'd ever have been able to do in the Okanagan - there are definite compensations for all the rain sometimes.  I saw my first snowdrops of the year by the library on the weekend, and I just saw that the roses are getting set to grow again just outside of our place.  Amazing!

I'm excited about the knitting retreat I'll be teaching at again in May (details here).  This year I'm doing an introduction to lace knitting.  The retreat is held in Sorrento (here), and I absolutely love that part of the interior in the spring - it smells wonderful!  Last year a huge mock orange was blossoming, and the lilac is usually out, which I love.  Coastal lilac gets a bit hard done by with all the rain sometimes, although it might be nice and early this year!

Well, knitting group meets tonight - the South Surrey Knitters (SSK).  I'll make a bit of progress on my sock once again, and for now I'll need to go and make some dinner happen.

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