Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bellingham harbour tour

Yesterday we met our friends Joe and Jan in Bellingham. They were coming to the end of a two-week boat trip through the Gulf Islands, and we had lunch on board with them followed by a tour of the Bellingham harbour.

Joe and Jan are sockworthy (definition available upon request), and we had a new pair of socks for each of them.

 We got a close-up look at the dry dock, which had intrigued us from a distance in the past. It's actually a giant barge:

We even got to see the 'sphinx' up close that has been intriguing Bellingham residents as well as the two of us. It's the scaffolding and protective layer built around a ship being sandblasted.

Dave got to play the skipper for a bit, complete with a 'parrot' on his shoulder (actually a Canada Goose, complete with sound effects!).

We got to pose together at the wheel, but only after we were tied back up at the wharf!

Here is Bob, the actual skipper, and co-owner of the lovely Shanti.

Thank you, Joe, Jan, and Bob!

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