Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A new yarn shop


Dave and I knew that a new yarn shop, Mrs. Hudson's Yarns and Teas, had opened in the Fairhaven neighbourhood of Bellingham, and on the weekend we got a chance to check it out. The store is named for a character in the Sherlock Holmes stories, which is an interesting coincidence given that I've been reading Laurie R. King's novels in which Holmes is a main character.

The store is quite large, and simply but carefully furnished. I loved the framed knitting-related vintage magazine covers.

Below you can see a jewelry box being used to display shawl pins - one of many cool little display ideas.

There is a comfortable and well-lit area in which to settle down for some knitting. Dave made himself at home while I explored books and notions.

The back of the shop is all about tea. Their selection is all imported from the UK.

I wish Callie, the owner, success with her new venture. Bellingham seems to be willing to support its local yarn stores - I believe this is the fifth one in the town of about 80,000.

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  1. What a cute place! Kinda makes me want to knit... Well, lots of things make me want to knit but am waiting for this summer to get here so my friend can teach me.