Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greetings from....

Can you guess?

So I know I haven't posted in a long time, and all I have to show knitting wise is another sock...

... but in my defense, it was the end of the school year and I worked every day of the last week, and then we had to get ready to go on our trip. Travel preparations get a little complicated with a diabetic cat, but we made it, and we're having a good time visiting our old friends here.

Yesterday we walked around the city and covered more than 10 km! The day before we checked out Lettuce Knit - the Yarn Harlot's LYS. One of our stops yesterday was at Bookhou, which I had read about on Geninne's blog, and where we got to see this exhibit and buy a few goodies. I felt really lucky to be in Toronto at the right time to see some of Geninne's originals - apparently they are rarely available for sale.

We also stumbled on this really cool yarn shop, Americo Original where they carry their own line of yarns. I got the yarn to make this pattern. It's a beautiful cotton and I got it in a lovely sage green.

We spent the late afternoon on Toronto Island, which was really cool. I've been wanting to see it since I read Atwood's Robber Bride. We had a picnic and a good time was had by all!

To be continued...

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