Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And then it was April...

So we were without our computer for two weeks, and while I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a laptop from school as a replacement, it wouldn't let me post to the blog!  Frustratingly, it let me write an entire post, but then I couldn't put it online.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting, but have been making some progress on the striped one.  The first one is finished, and the second one just needs the rest of a toe, and a heel.  I thought I could post some pictures showing the afterthought heel going in.  In the second picture you can see the line of white stitches (on the unfinished sock) that are knit from waste yarn, and will be picked up to create the heel - more to follow.

I don't much care for the look of the afterthought heel until it's on someone's foot, and then it actually fits well.  This is surprising to me, given that it's built the same way as a sock toe, and a person's heel and toes don't have all that much in common with respect to shape and size!  Cool how it works out, though.  And there's the added bonus that if the heel gets worn out (in just the right spot, of course), then it can easily be replaced.

 Dave and I have also started to knit squares out of leftover sock yarn with the goal of making the Barn-Raising Quilt out of Knitalong.  I have made two squares, and Dave knit one out of the yarn he had left over from the last socks he knit.  It will take some patience and perseverance, since we'll need at least 42 squares, according to the pattern, but there's no rush.  We're thinking that if we knit one after every pair of socks (or even every sock - there's a lot of leftover sock yarn to be used up in the stash) it will progress at a reasonable pace.

I haven't gotten to the Pi Shawl for a while, but I did make a fair bit of progress in the car to and from Vernon, as well as while we were there. This is definitely a long term project.  It's easy to pick up whenever long stretches of stocking stitch are appropriate.

And that's the update for now - see you soon!

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