Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Growing things...

Things are growing on the patio...

We are having very good growing weather - alternating rain and warm sunshine. This is the first cherry tomato to have set:

 And here is a progress photo on the first of the heirloom striped tomatoes. No stripes yet.

Socks are growing too:

This is the second one of the Orangey Goodness pair. The first one isn't finished yet, but I have to meter out the orange yarn so I'll knit this one to match and see where I get to. I should have enough of the yellow to do the toes... I hope, otherwise things may get interesting!


  1. Hello Myriam, your tomatoes and mine are about at the same stage right now. The socks look so fun ! :)

    1. I do love knitting socks! I would have thought your tomatoes would be miles ahead of mine, with us living so far north from you... ;-)