Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday round-up

A new sock in progress using leftover yarn. I've been longer than usual without a sock on the needles. I'm calling it Orangey Goodness.

A new shawl - the same Handmaiden yarn as the last one in the Pewter colourway. This one will be a Gingko. It's good travel knitting for now, because it's simple stocking stitch and yarn overs until the lace starts.

The BSJ I started in December is finally finished! I thought I had finished knitting this really quickly in January. I had the top-of-the-arm seams finished, a collar knitted on, and was sewing on buttons when I realized I’d placed the button holes wrong and the two sides didn’t match. Sigh. I put it aside and made a different baby gift for the baby due in February.

Now there’s a baby due in June I want a knit gift for. I pulled the jacket back out of the trunk where I'd put it to think about its behaviour, ripped out the collar, ripped back to the buttonhole row and reknit the last 5 rows. New bind-off, no collar this time (I crocheted around the neckline), and I decided to go with two buttons this time around. I did the ssk bind-off because the other three (three!) I tried didn’t look right!

It will be a set with the booties I knit from the same yarn in January.

 The rhododendrons are blooming outside our windows - right on schedule, and the bees are hard at work.

We moved in five years ago last weekend, and every year the rhodos have bloomed for the May long weekend.

Tomorrow it's off to Sorrento for the 15th annual Okanagan Knitters' Retreat! I'm excited to be going a day early this year. Maybe I'll see you there!

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