Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday afternoon in the garden

We're trying some differently shaped garden beds this year - less linear.

The peony is coming up.

The kale overwintered well and is producing lots of fresh leaves for us.

And it's also trying desperately to go to seed. So far we are thwarting its plans.

The garlic is really taking off. It seems to have appreciated the fish fertilizer it got a few weeks ago.

 We're going to try to grow potatoes vertically this year. We assembled the beginnings of the potato tower that Dave designed. Apparently the trick to this is to use late harvest potatoes, and to keep mounding them up at just the right times.

Our alpine strawberries are starting to blossom already.

There were just a few hours of sun this weekend and we were lucky to be able to be in the garden for a couple of them.


  1. Fabulous looking start to spring! Is your earth compost or is it a mixture from a garden centre? It looks incredible.

    1. The soil in our plot was very neglected when we took over last year, and is mostly clay. We've been working in our own compost (our scavenged black composter made buckets of good stuff for us since last spring), organic mushroom manure, and Sea Soil. The beds we've been amending are coming along nicely. :-)