Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh dear - it's October already!

September was lovely and crazy busy all at the same time. And now it's October and nearly Thanksgiving for us Canadians! In celebration of autumn harvests and bounty here are:

Fresh grain-free granola - yum!

Broccoli from our garden...

...first time we've grown it!

 The cosmos that have been gracing our living room window for many weeks:

The colour still to be seen on our patio:

Goodies indoors:

All these are from the patio...

... from the babies I grew from seeds!

And there has been some knitting too, though not enough:

Finished socks

And a sock getting started

And now to prepare fresh beans, broccoli, and tomatoes for dinner!


  1. Quel potager productif, je suis jalouse de vos brocolis!!! J'aimerais bien connaitre votre recette de granola sans grain!

    1. Nos brocolis étaient enormes - nous ne savons pas pourquoi. Ils étaient aussi très bons! :-)