Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Socks and Blooms

Dave has finished a pair of socks for Tanveer. She and her sisters will soon each have received hand knit socks and hats from us. We're working our way through the whole family - three girls, parents, and a pair of grandparents - with socks, and the girls get hats too. Grandpa is the only one who hasn't had socks knit yet... they're on the list!

Dave used Tofutsies yarn. It's nice to work with, but unfortunately this ball had five or six knots or breaks in it. The socks look good, though.

This is a sock I'm knitting for Uncle Ben, who is turning 90 later this month.

And here are some narcissi we are enjoying. No, they're not growing outside, even though the weather has been very mild lately. They were a gift, and the fragrance is giving a nice spring-y feel to the room!

Can you smell them?

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