Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where has December gone?

Three weeks into December without a blog post - I'll have to try to catch up! First of all, here is Lucy all buttoned up:

I've also been making squares from leftover sock yarn for the Barn Raising Quilt Dave and I have been working on. The pattern calls for 42 squares and I'm working on the 22nd, so it feels like we're making good progress. I tend to get into a run of making several squares in a row and then not make any for a while. We'll see how long the finished blanket takes! I'm enjoying remembering whose socks each of the yarns was used for.

We have our longest night tonight and then the daylight will start to creep back. It's sunny here today, which helps the shortest days seem longer but I'm always glad to see the turn. We're up to nights just about 16 hours long here, but I've been reading Lene's blog from northern Finland and they're up to 22 hours of darkness there, so I really can't complain!

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