Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Wednesday

It's starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, spring is here to stay on the west coast. The situation is getting rather dire for local farmers, many of whom have rain-flooded fields still unplanted. Hopefully the weather will dry up and they'll be able to get crops into the ground soon.

I haven't had a lot of time to knit this past week. Here is a close-up view of the red sock I'm working on, with the bit of progress I've managed to make since the last photo.

You can see the Channel Islands cast-on and garter stitch cuff in this picture. The cuff looks a bit funny unstretched, but I really like it once it's on a leg. The ribbing on the rest of the leg will hold the sock up, and the cuff can just look pretty!

Here is a picture of a cute project bag I picked up at The Websters in Ashland, Oregon at spring break.

I'm planning to make some more like this one out of some of the fabrics I bought in Ashland. Like this one, they are quite thick, kind of like canvas, and should work really nicely, without needing to be lined.

And finally, there is a very sweet knitting story that's worth reading - Kate, one of my favourite knit bloggers, linked to it from her site, and the full story is here. If you don't follow Kate's blog, I strongly recommend it. I find her to be a very inspiring knitter, designer, blogger, and person. This story is about one of her patterns and the power of ravelry and I think it's very cool.

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