Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ending the long silence!

Here are a couple of knitting-related projects from the last few weeks.  I made this zippered boxy knitting bag following the tutorial found here. The instructions were very good, but I found some parts of the project challenging. Every so often I choose to sew something because I want the finished product, but I really don't enjoy the process much. That's why I'm a knitter and not a sew-er!

This is the matching drawstring project bag:

I followed the instructions found here. This was a fairly simple project, even for straight-line sew-ers like me! I'm likely to make some more of these.  It is also fully lined (even reversible), which I really like the look of. I think I will try some interfacing on the bottom on a future one, and I might change the placement of the hole for the drawstring.

I made this hat as a Christmas present.  I used the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret pattern but had to change the number of stitches to suit the yarn better.

In other knitting news, I've whipped up a Baby Surprise sweater in the last few days but forgot to take a picture of it in daylight - I'll post it soon. I'm also about two thirds of the way through the second green sock in the pair I started in November. There is no rush on these ones, and they're a men's size 11, so progress is a bit slow. I've also finished a couple of hats, but one didn't get photographed before it was gifted. I'll post a photo of the other one.

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