Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mama Bear... Papa Bear...

Dave and I have been knitting a family of socks for our good friends in Vernon.  He and I have each just finished a pair, and so now the set is complete.
These are Brother Bear's socks, that I just finished.  Although Brother Bear is nine years old, his feet are as long as mine and a bit wider, and so these socks are generously proportioned.  They're actually a little bigger than Mama Bear's socks, which are the brown-striped ones I finished back in May.

Dave knit Sister Bear's socks for the four-year-old.  They're super-cute!

Here is the entire family of socks together, posing for a photo-op before they get packaged up and mailed away.


  1. What a special family gift for the two of you to make together. I'm sure they'll love their socks.

  2. Hi Holli - thank you for the sweet comments. When I made socks for the kids a couple of years ago their mother called to ask how to wash the socks with the kids still in them! I'm hoping these ones are as well loved. :-)