Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's End

As well as the quilt I've completed a couple of other, smaller, sewing projects this summer.  At the beginning of July I made a laptop cover for our new laptop, and this past week I made another one for a friend.  I made them using 2 fat quarters each, and a bit of extra fabric for binding, and kind of made up the pattern as I went along on the first one.  For mine I used a couple of fabrics that I liked but that didn't really go with any others that I had, and so this was a perfect use for them.  The binding is leftover fabric from a jellyroll quilt I made for one of our nieces last year when she went off to college.

I made Annemarie's using 2 fat quarters that she gave me for the purpose.  I happened to have exactly enough of a matching fabric to do the binding left over from my first ever quilt. 

I have also had time to do some knitting this past week.  Surprising, really, because since we got home from the Okanagan a week ago we've canned 16 jars of peaches, 24 jars of tomatoes, and 24 jars of dill pickles, as well as dealing with fresh produce in various other creative ways!  I also had a day at school, and have slowly been wrapping my head around starting a new year tomorrow.

I finished the first Bubblegum sock, and I'm about halfway up the Brandywine shawl in terms of number of rows (though only about a quarter of the way through the number of stitches.  As you can see, it now stretches across the length of a 24" circular needle, so it's coming along.

I think I'll actually have more time to knit once I'm back to work, because the summer canning and other projects will be out of my way, and my 'leisure time' will be mainly devoted to knitting once again.

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  1. I am getting lots of compliments on the laptop cover! I was in Victoria on the weekend and I ventured into a charming yarn shop and couldn't resist buying some yarn. I don't know what I will do with it .... I am hoping that my "knitting teacher" could give me some ideas.